Anti-Bedwetting Procedure for Children

An Effective Anti-Bedwetting Procedure Video

Dr. Richard A. Sheldon, D.C. (Retired)

As a parent or guardian, you want your child to be free of the embarrassment of bedwetting. You can find the help you seek with this simple anti-bedwetting procedure video created by Dr. Richard A. Sheldon, D.C. (Ret.).

The Anti-Bedwetting Technique video is designed to be viewed by you and your child together. It presents some basic theories then demonstrates how to implement this easy-to-learn, safe, and effective anti-bedwetting procedure.

A few of the topics covered in the anti-bedwetting video include:

  • Development: Review and correct poor pre-bedtime habits.
  • Mechanical: Spinal subluxation, ribcage fixation.
  • Deep Sleep: Play or hyperactivity fatigue. (More prevalent in boys.)
  • Bladder Spasm: Uncontrolled compression of the bladder.
  • Respiration: Subluxation of spinal vertebrae and rib-head, causing hypoventilation.
  • Psychological: Treatment methodology incorporating combined effort of parent/guardian and child.

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